Christmas is just around the corner — Are you ready?

Last week we mentioned that gift certificates are a great idea for that friend/loved one that has a reef tank. We wanted to remind you again about the benefits of getting a gift certificate versus a live fish or coral. The gift certificate allows the owner of the tank to pick the exact coral or fish that he/she wants and is able to take care of. Please think seriously about getting a gift certificate as a gift this year.

Now..Let’s talk about books!!! Man do we hae one that should be in every reefkeepers library, The Coral Reef Aquarium byb Tony Vargas. This has been a labor of love y Tony and he has invested over 3 years of his life putting this book together. It’s moderately priced and anyone with a saltwater aquarium will love you for getting it for them.

You can read more about this great book and BUY it by clicking on the book.

The Coral Reef Aquarium by Tony Vargas

Next on the Christmas list the Radion XR30w my EcoTech Marine.  This is one helluva light!!!   For those of you who know me, have heard me say over and over for the last few years that LED’s weren’t ready for prime time.  Well…ladies and gentlemen…The time has come.  This LED fixture is well worth it’s weight in gold.  With the ability to adjust the intensity and the spectrum….This is definitely the cat’s meow of LED’s and is perfect for any reefkeepers gift list.

You can read more about this innovative light from EcoTech Marine and BUY it by clicking on the picture.

And now let’s talk fish!!!!    We got  another shipment in mid-week.  Which includes a baby black tank and a few purple tangs among others.

Sunday were bringing in more fish and coral for you!!!   We’ll be bringing in fish from Sri Lanka, Bali and Phillipines and of course, we are continuing our Acro shipments.  We’ll have some choice pieces for you to help us unpack.  We expect delivery around 3PM Sunday so don’t be left out…Make sure you are here for the unpacking!!

Finally as promised…ESV Salt 200 gallon Mix is on Sale!!!!  While our everyday low price if $74.99 is good enough for most.  This weekend we’re dropping the price to $59.99 with any $50 purchase of livestock.

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